We use a variety of effective early intervention programs to help your child overcome their developmental disabilities, learning and communication impairments.Our therapists work hand-in-hand with parents and family members to ensure your child will achive better functioning that translates to a better quality of life.

Invitation for Educational Research and Teaching Partnerships

Nurture Pods Child Development and Early Intervention Centre currently supports developmentally appropriate practices and evidence-based approaches. As part of our educational services growth and expansion plan, we are inviting educational institutions across Asia to partner with us for study programs, case-study and single-subject research on the following areas:

  • Home based Intervention
  • School Shadow Support
  • Centre based Early Intervention Approaches

We are also interested to partner as an off-campus teaching centre for educational colleges for applied / elective modules as part of the curriculum.

Please write to / for potential partnership plans.

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Helping your child to overcome learning disabilities

We use unique blend of intervention techniques that are effective for children with special needs like Autism Spectrum Disorders to develop important skills. Our intervention program helps to address the core deficits and focus on the following skills and behaviours:

codevelopCognitive development and play skills

shareExperience sharing functional communication

proactivityProactive approaches to behavior problems

innovationDynamic Intelligence

videomVideo Modeling

mindFlexibe and creative thinking and problem solving

delivering of social instructionsDelivering of social instructions

Our Services

We provide comprehensive and individualized intervention services that are personalized to help your child overcoming their developmental disabilities and their learning and communication impairments.

Centre for Child Development and Early Intervention


We design individually tailored programs to help your child achieve independence and develop essential individual and social skills for a good quality of life!


Home Intervention Program – Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)


Early intervention within your home environment promote learning and development! Provide extensive parenting support.

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School Support Program (School Shadowing Support)


A specialized service that work with your child’s teacher to assimilate your child’s first experiences with a new school or class.

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Nurture Pods Social Skill Class


We are proud to be among the first here in Singapore to offer the renowned Secret Agent Society Programme – a revolutionary social skills programme for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Training workshop


We are the pioneers in providing services to equip educators with the skills on managing children with learning disabilities and/or special needs in schools in Singapore.

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Professional/caregiver and online training (Skillsfuture claimable)

We are proud to present to you a series of online courses specifically on Autism and related developmental disorders.

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Professional Certificate (School Shadow Support)

Awarded by London Teacher Training College(LTTC)(Skillsfuture Credit Claimable)

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All the interventions techniques and programs are listed in the published Ministry of Health(MOH) Guidelines. (AMS-MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines 1/20/2010)

How We Can Support You

We provide a comprehensive set of learning tools to facilitate your participation in your child’s therapy programme.

Understand the principles behind the therapy that your child is experiencing and reinforce what your child has learnt.


One-to-One Parent Training


Review Objective Action Plan


Log Journal for every session


Tailored Programme File


Programme Schedule and Report


Recommendations to Paraprofessionals


Parents who are eligible for the Baby Bonus Scheme will be able to pay for our programs using their Child Development Account (CDA).

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Meet the Specialists

Comprising of overseas experts, Singapore registered Psychologist, highly qualified case supervisors and behavioral therapists

 Alex Liau

Clinical Director

Soh Yong Hao

Center Director

tee shee hui

 Tee Shee Hui

Early Intervention Specialist (Centre) B.A. (Hons)


 Michelle Poh

Social Skills Trainer Consultant

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Our Happy Parents

Here’s what our parents and partners say about us

I got to know Nurture Pods from my son’s childcare teacher. At first, I was thinking to give it a try for a few months but now my son is already with them for almost 5 years and counting. I  am very thankful to Alex, Yong Hao and his team. Alex was  willing to share the various technique on how to teach and train my son and give his professional advice to us. His team of  teachers were also very helpful, patient and caring to my son, always doing their upmost best to educate my son. Through their best effort, my son was able to admit to Pathlight School. The social class that my son currently attending is also very good as it has various activities that encourage him to engage interaction with his peers through learning and playing. A very special Thanks  to Alex n Chloe for the support n hard work..

– Name of parent: KC

My son Clement (Singapore PR, like me) was diagnosed with autism in May 2012. We followed the instructions coming from KK Hospital to seek assistance from the various centres able to provide early support. The progress was always slow and the price not necessarily affordable.
In 2015, he was in PCF K2 with our helper shadowing him. He was getting EIP from Pathlight (after 11 months of waiting list) and Dynamics was providing additional therapies (educational, speech & occupational). He was slowly making progress but the overall cost was extremely high and increasing every year.

I happened to know through another parent about Nurture Pods only at the end of 2015. When Alex sourced the shadow teaching support in 2016, Clement really started to develop his intellectual skills and his speech in general. In parallel, he was also attending social skills at Nurture Pods.
since he joined a special school (IIS in Clementi), he no longer requires any separate therapies. I’m very grateful to Alex and the Nurture Pods team because they enabled Clement’s potential and allowed him to have the required skills to be accepted at IIS. Since then, he’s in Grade 2 and overachieve in most topics.
I wish I had been told earlier about Nurture Pods.

In parallel, my daughter Isabelle was diagnosed with GDD in July 2016. She was accepted in Pathlight almost immediately (probably because the team knew us through Clement), but I still put her for EIP to Nurture Pods. Price was similar to subsidized Pathlight and sessions were longer in an environment were kids are a smaller groups. I made the right choice, undoubtedly. She was going for Speech Therapy in a separate centre also located in the Novena area.
She’s now going to a French international kindergarten (La Petite Ecole) since January 2018 and Alex sourced a fantastic shadow teacher who really helped Isabelle regulate her social skills. In 5 months, the progress is outstanding; the school is already agreeable to reduce the involvement of the shadow teacher.

In a nutshell, Alex and the team are not just valuable professionals who really put all they have for the success of the kids. they are also very good people. They are there when you need to talk to them. They try their best to be accommodating.
I cannot insist enough that anyone who has a child with mild or serious special needs should immediately contact Nurture Pods before considering the default public services.
I would only think that Nurture Pods would reach perfection if they expanded the range of support services to speech therapy, so parents like me would not have to be involved with other centres at all.


– Name of parent: J.B. V

We are writing this email to personally thank Mr Alex, Mr Yong Hao, Ms Shee Hui and Ms Farah for their guidance and support given to our son, E. Before he went to Nurture Pods, he was weak with Alphabets and Numbers recognition, had frequent meltdown and was off-task. We were worried that this will deter him from reaching his fullest potential. An individualized learning plan was tailored to meet E needs. With the support and effort put in by Alex and his team, the changes we saw in E was tremendous.

We like that the classroom is clutter free, bright and there is plenty of natural light coming from the glass windows. The schedule and routine is structured and predictable. The classroom is organized into a series of different and separate spaces. The lessons includes visual, tactile, kinesthetic and auditory teaching, large and small group as well as one to one attention.

Today, E had already memorized all his alphabets and is able to make all the jolly phonics sound for all the 26 alphabets. He is more receptive and is able to sit down and complete his work. His teachers in school had been giving a lot of positive feedback. E ace his spelling every week! From a child who is not able to write, he is now able to write pretty neatly. E loves his read aloud session before bedtime and learning to memorise all his sight words. E will not be where he is now without Alex and his dedicated team. We like that they are always optimistic when come to updating on E’s progress. Alex also went the extra mile to meet with E teachers and sat in during lessons to try and fully understand how E is fairing in class. We will forever be grateful for everything you have done for our son. Thank you so much


– Name of parent: Mr and Mrs Gillies

We came to know about Nurture Pods through my son’s PD.
Met Alex on our first meeting in 2016 at their center at Novena for initial assessment. Alex was very professional from the way he handle my Son. We started ABA home session for 3 days weekly since Jan 2016. My Son was unable to grip a pencil well and unable to write initially but with the help of Alex and team. Now my Son could write very well and also better table top working habit. Alex also assist to get connected for the enrolment to a mainstream pre-school for my son and got himself fully involved during the initial interview/meeting with the principal at the pre-school. His team shadowed my son to school daily in 2017. He also follow up closely personally to observe my Son’s progress at school by visiting the school personally at times. In addition, Alex also gave advises, suggestions and recommendations in helping Jovin towards the path to Pathlight School in 2018. My Son managed to get in Pathlight P1 standard in 2018 despite he was rejected in 2017. All of us were so delighted. Great thanks to Alex and team ! Till todate we still continue the home session as we find it really helps to regulate my kid working habit. I would highly recommend Nurture pods to all parents if they have not engage one or intended to get one.

– Name of parent: Josephine

Zhi Yu joined Nurture Pods when he was 4.5 years old and he picked up his tripod grip and was toilet trained after a few months with the centre. Yong Hao, Shee Hui and Farah have been very patient and receptive towards parents’ feedback and the online portal set up to update the progress has been useful. What is good here is the centre remains open in school holidays, allowing intervention to be consistent. Classrooms have clean lines and not cluttered, which helps them to remain regulated in the centre.
The centre used visual schedule and introduced working on their own. The worksheets and phonics taught in school also give parents a sense on what to work with the child at home. This is a good place to prepare the child to be integrated back into small group setting unlike 1-to-1 therapy.

– Yu Fen / Parent of Zhi Yu

My son has greatly benefited from the school shadow support and intensive homebased programme provided by Nurture Pods.For the past 10 months, we have observed visible behaviourial changes both at home and in school.Alex and his team of committed therapists are thorough with their game plan, and work closely with parents and teachers in their execution. They make good observations and  are quick to intervene and devise new strategies to manage the situations.  We would like to commend Nurture Pods for their excellent services.

– Shannon / Parent of Louis

We chanced upon Nurturepods upon the recommendation of a relevant professional in the field. Upon umpteen sessions of therapy sessions in various centres since the age of 3 and receiving a proper medical diagnosis at age 5.5, we felt like the straw that broke the camel’s back.
Eventually, we sought the help from the centre. Upon the patient and professional intervention via shadowing in school and ongoing social skills’ sessions, Abel has transformed from a reticient and ‘in his own space’ child to a ‘eager to try’ cum resilient one. Not to mention the effusing and responsive Alex who approaches Abel in a systematic and encouraging manner, providing the bridge between us and the teachers in school. It has been a long and audrous journey of 1.5 years for us. We are thankful and appreciative to the team that works tirelessly and relates to our boy in an endearing and constructive manner. Last but not least. we are also glad that he has found a safe haven to empower and be himself.

– Sheryn / Parent of Abel

Nurture-pods was recommended through Special-Kids Clinic and initially was doubtful whether the Centre was resourceful in teaching materials, Teachers skilled and experience to understand individual child and lastly whether efficient to plan accordingly on a momentum basis to achieve the Goals set for the child.Teacher Yan as a Shadow Teacher was resourceful in teaching skills, organised and structured in her teaching on a daily basis, that within three months Alexander was able to write basic letters an achievement which I waited for 3-4 years. Based on the child’s deficiency of learning and knowledge, specific materials were introduced to aid the child’s learning progress.After 6 months, Alexander was able to read a Ladybird Book 1A and was always eager to go to school to learn new activities (Lego, Playmobil etc.), tasks (Matching, tracing etc) and social skills (simple Greetings etc.) with Teacher Yan. Even on weekends, he insisted that he wanted to go to School.With Teacher Yan’s guidance and support Alexander was promoted to two levels up and it was such a joy to see an advance development within a short period of time. With much care, concern, support and guidance from Teacher Yan and Alex Liau, Alexander’s progress was on a tremendous scale within the last two years.
Alex Liau always played a major role to plan and monitor the development of Alexander and without any prompt will occassionally visit Alexander in school to update with the school Teachers the needs of knowledge that needs to be filled and covered, exercises that needs to be practiced and new learning that needs to be taught in advance before being taught in class. Alex Liau has shown so much care, concern and attentive to details to guide the Team of Teachers to teach Alexander the needful knowledge that needs to be known for an average child. It’s such a Joyful experience and journey with Nurture-pods and thus I look forward to the up-coming years to work closely with the Team of Teachers from the Centre.

— Christana, Alexander’s parent

“Your countless visits to the school, discussions with the teachers and principal showed nothing more than your dedication in your work and Arrvind and we truly thank you for that. In a matter of a year he’s intensive shadow program that has now faded successfully to independent learning has tremendously helped him a lot along with his home sessions. He’s interaction, social skills and academic skills have significantly improved in a short span of time.”

“Dear Nuture Pods Team,
I’m writing to personally thank you for your unconditional support given to my son Arrvind Raaj through the school shadow support and home intervention programme. When Arrvind was diagnosed with ASD, we honestly thought it’s going to be a rough path for us as parents as we were clueless despite the amount of research information we had. In this past year, with a tailored programme for him and the support and guidance from your incredibly capable therapists, the changes we saw in Arrvind was evident month after month. Your countless visits to the school, discussions with the teachers and principal showed nothing more than your dedication in your work and Arrvind and we truly thank you for that. In a matter of a year he’s intensive shadow program that has now faded successfully to independent learning has tremendously helped him a lot along with his home sessions. He’s interaction, social skills and academic skills have significantly improved in a short span of time. I honestly have nothing more to say than to ensure from our part as parents that our son receives the continuous guidance and support he needs from the right team of professional, dedicated people from Nurture Pods, as he will be progressing to mainstream primary school successfully in 2018. Thank you again Team Nurture Pods.

— Sri Gayathri & Prem Kumar Parents of Arrvind Raaj Kumar

“Alex and his team gave very constructive suggestions on how to manage my girls behaviour in class , public and also able to share many good strategies for us to embrace and give us hope to manage them better.”

“We like to thank Alex and his team from Nurture Pods for their help in giving great advice in regards to our two girl ASD condition. My two girls had gone through ABA therapy, shadow teachers as well as social therapy with Nurture Pods. Alex and his team gave very constructive suggestions on how to manage my girls behaviour in class , public and also able to share many good strategies for us to embrace and give us hope to manage them better. Most importantly, Alex zealous passion in Special Needs is shown clearly as he is always very responsive in every of our questions. To the extent that it robs his personal time. We are truly grateful for Alex for his help. We will always recommend other parents to Nurture Pods due to their wealth of knowledge of special needs.

— FC Chan, Edward Parent

“My son is coping with mainstream school work and is able to understand the social demands on him…”

“My son is coping with mainstream school work and is able to understand the social demands on him, thanks to the help Alex Liau and his team mate have been giving us over the years. Alex’s experience as an ABA therapist and his patience in dealing with children with learning difficulties have greatly benefited my child.

— L.P, Parent

“He is able to bring about significant postive changes in our son’s ASD condition within a short time…”

“He displays a high level of professionalism in whatever he does, whilst at the same time not lacking the personal touch. Due to his commitment, belief in the potential of our son and his close working partnership with us parents, he is able to bring about significant positive changes in our son’s ASD condition within a short time.”

— M.L, Parent

“We are glad to see our son transitioning to independence and much happier in his school environment…”

“When we contacted Nurture Pods, they were quick to assist in observations and meeting with the relevant educators. We truly felt supported throughout and greatly encouraged by the shadow support teachers who provided us prompt feedback. We are glad to see our son transitioning to independence and much happier in his school environment. Thank you.”

—Sau Ling, Parent