Centre for Child Development and Early Intervention

Centre for Child Development and Early Intervention


Teaching your Child How to Learn

Our program aims to help your child with special needs to access the national school curriculum in a meaningful way through the use of structured learning environment.

Your child will learn to function independently in an environment that is built accordingly to strengths, interests and ease of comprehension.

Subsequently, complexity is increased that includes more organization, sequences, and development of intricate skills.

We Develop Your Child’s Social and Logical Skills

We assist your child in the transition to National School Curriculum Program using structured teaching methods and environment. Your child will receive an individualized education plan that target development in the following areas:

    • Mathematical Concepts – Your child will learn essential concepts ranging from shapes, attributes to numbers recognition and improve their ability to problem solve and reason.
    • Literacy and Language – We help your child to learn how to read and write – receptive and expressive language.
    • Social and Emotion – Your child will be able to adapt and function well in the social or group environment.
    • Aesthetic & Creative Development – We expose your child to different sounds and sights such that your child will be able to be more aware of the environment and be more inquisitive.
    • Fine and Gross Motor – This allow your child to hone and improve motor skills that are activity based and essential in schools such as handwriting skills.
    • Handwriting Skills – Our handwriting protocol is based on world renowned “Handwriting Without Tears” program and is lead by our certified consultant.
    • Art & Craft – We are the first center in Singapore to embed art therapy into our program.

(Based on the highly recognized and effective University of North Carolina TEACCH (Structured Teaching) Program.)


Occupational Therapy Services

Our program includes Occupational Therapy that aims to help your child improves on the following:

  • Self-Regulation
  • Sensory difficulties and needs
  • Attention and Waiting
  • Playing Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills / Handwriting

Who are suitable?

Children from 18 months of age are suitable.
Through the use of structure learning environments, we aim to provide children with special needs including:

  • children who exhibit characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • children with learning disabilities
  • children with difficulties in verbal or nonverbal communication

We Provide Extensive Parenting Support

At Nurture Pods, each child has an individualized education plan and assessments of needs and skills development are conducted regularly. We also have a data recording system to examine amount and type of support for child to be successful in progression. Parents are updated regularly about child’s progress and happenings during class.

  • One-to-One Parent Training
  • Log Journal for every session
  • Programme Schedule and Reports
  • Review Objective Action Plan every 6 months
  • Tailored Programme File for Your Child
  • Recommendations to Paraprofessionals such as Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Pediatricians and Psychiatrists.

Here’s what our Happy Parents Say

“Thanks to the help Alex and his team mates have been giving over the years…”

“My son is coping with mainstream school work and is able to understand the social demands on him, thanks to the help Alex Liau and his team mate have been giving us over the years. Alex’s experience as an ABA therapist and his patience in dealing with children with learning difficulties have greatly benefited my child.

— L.P, Parent

“Alex comes across as very approachable, open minded and structured in his approach.”

“He displays a high level of professionalism in whatever he does, whilst at the same time not lacking the personal touch. Due to his commitment, belief in the potential of our son and his close working partnership with us parents, he is able to bring about significant positive changes in our son’s ASD condition within a short time.”

— M.L, Parent

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We provide both individual (1 to 1) and group based learning (small group sizes). Morning and afternoon classes are available with 3 hours in each session.

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