Nurture Pods Social Skill Class

Nurture Pods Social Skill Class


A Revolutionary Social Skills programme for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Nurture Pods is proud to be among the first here in Singapore to offer the renowned Secret Agent Society Programme – a revolutionary social skills programme for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. This is a breakthrough programme designed to improve the emotional understanding and social skills of children in a fun and engaging group setting.

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Who will benefit from this programme?

This programme is catered specially for children of ages 3 to 12 years old. It is especially beneficial to children who demonstrates fundamental skill deficits such as:

  • Difficulties regulating non-verbal behaviours such as eye contact, facial expression and body postures
  • Atypical prosody of speech such as speaking in a flat and monotonous voice
  • Inability to understand pragmatic of speech hence failing to understand jokes or laughing inappropriately
  • Difficulties in inferring people’s emotional states from facial, body and situation cues
  • Difficulties identifying and reciprocating to others’ perspectives and emotions
  • Issues in comprehending verbal responses
  • Issues in deductive reasoning and problem solving to produce appropriate replies
  • Difficulties in initiating and sustaining meaningful reciprocal conversation

What Are The Skills Taught?

At the end of the programme, you child is expected to gain the following:


The entire programme consists of 12 sessions with each focusing on a specific topic. Each session lasts an hour with a 15 minutes debrief to parents.

There are a variety of pricing packages available based on your needs and requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Testimonials from Parents

“The trainers in Nurture Pods show concerns to the kids’ development and are always happy to answer to parents’ queries. The debrief session after each lesson and the video clips taken during lesson time gave the parents a good grasp of the skills being taught and also provided good tips for the parents to follow up with the kids.

My son has shown improvement in his social skills after attending the lessons in Nurture Pods. According to his school teacher, he has opened up more and will interact with his classmates.”
Mr Lim

“I have received positive feedback from the school teachers that my child is now more willing to open to other children. I am glad the sessions have helped him to understand how interaction with others work.”
From Mrs Sim

“I am able to track my child’s performance in class with the video clips sent weekly.”
From Mrs Gray

“Many thanks to Michelle and Alex for taking care of my child this period. He has improved in his social communicate skill. Now he has some friends. He has the patience to listen to what I say and can answer my questions. Thank you very much!”
From Mrs Jiao

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What is the Secret Agent Society Programme?

The Secret Agent Society (SAS) Programme is a multi-component social skills intervention designed to improve the emotional understanding and social skills of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and other behavioural disorders.


The program is developed by Dr Renae Beaumont (PHD) who is an honourary research fellow at the Parenting and Support Centre, The University of Queensland. Dr Renae has over 10 years of clinical and research experience working with children with autism spectrum disorders and their families. The SAS Program has gone through effectiveness studies and is rapidly gaining international recognition.

In order to ensure the efficacy of the programme in local context, the program has been fine-tuned accordingly. The program will be managed by Mr Alex Liau (Clinical Director) and Ms Michelle Poh (Social Skills Training Consultant) who are both certified deliverer of programs under the Social Skills Training Institute.
* Mr. Alex Liau and Ms. Michelle Poh are the first certified practitioners to run this program in Singapore.

How is Secret Agent Society Programme different?

The SAS Programme is different from other social skills programmes in the market because it addresses fundamental skill deficits which in turn result in social inadequacies. These fundamental skills include reading of emotions, detecting of verbal and non-verbal cues, inferring from situations, deductive reasoning, verbal comprehension, appropriate communication and much more.

We believe that by addressing the fundamental deficits as indicated above, specific social skills such as greeting, befriending, asking for help, turn taking and losing well can be taught and picked up more easily. You may view the programme as having a central focus on emotions, perspective-taking and communication while these specific social skills will be recurrently practiced in every session. Unlike most programmes in the market which teach a specific social skill set for each session, we believe that social skills have to be practiced over multiple occasions and rarely can they be picked up in a single session.

The SAS programme is designed that skills taught in the previous session will be built on in the next session and that there will be a graduation of skills learnt as the programme progresses. On top of role-play, discussion, games, video-modelling etc, we apply techniques from speech and drama. These include voice projection, application of pragmatic of speech, facial expressions, body gestures and more. To ensure that skills picked up in the sessions will be generalised, we are also providing session updates and ‘homework’ for parents to work on.

Lastly, we are also aware of the need to create an environment which encourages the child to initiate verbal expression independently. We believe that over-prompting may not be advantageous to a child and the crux is really triggering the child’s motivation to communicate. Our program is thus designed to be fun and exciting to draw out your child’s desire to engage!

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