Nurture Pods is where we learnt on ABA approach more than just reading the articles. Alex and his team of therapists are professional and dedicated. They observed our child’s needs, not only for those that we are raising concerns of, but also for other generals areas and aspects that we may have missed thinking about as parents. Alex and his team provided their expertise, but yet, still very close to the personal touch on the needs and development of our child. Thank you for your support and effort in helping to bring out the best in our child.Ecclesia Chang
Alex gave much more than we ever expected. The school shadowing programme is truly beneficial to our children and the centre. His passion and patience is making a difference.Cherry Huang | Principal of Educa
Alex has demonstrated his ability in his work with special children at Mothergoose. His knowledge and experience with special children enables him to employ a combination of approaches and techniques in supporting the child’s development. He is friendly and encouraging, yet also firm and focused in helping the child and stretching him appropriately. With his support, the child was able to integrate better within a conventional classroom setting.Chin Liang Hwee | Centre Manager of Mothergoose Preschool and Child Development Centre
Alex worked with my son for almost two years, at home and in school. It is a pleasure having Alex around. He is always cheerful and patient when it comes to teaching my son. His feedback after each session is very useful as well, teaching me how to manage my child. He shadowed my son in school with another therapist for 3 times a week, and after half year of shadowing, my son can manage on his own in childcare. However, I let them continue with the shadowing to work on social skills. Though my son no longer needs shadowing now, I still keep in contact with Alex, for he is such a wonderful therapist and also a wonderful friend.Jamie | Parent
My son is coping with mainstream school work and is able to understand the social demands on him, thanks to the help Alex Liau and his team mate have been giving us over the years. Alex’s experience as an ABA therapist and his patience in dealing with children with learning difficulties have greatly benefitted my child. His dedication is evident as he went the extra mile to meet with my child’s teachers and sat in during lessons to try and fully understand how my son was fairing in class. We hope to see many years more of collaboration with Alex as I see him as a key contributor to my son’s success in school and in the social environment.L. P. | Parent
Alex comes across as very approachable, open minded and structured in his approach. He displays a high level of professionalism in whatever he does, whilst at the same time not lacking the personal touch. Due to his commitment, belief in the potential of our son and his close working partnership with us parents, he is able to bring about significant positive changes in our son’s ASD condition within a short time. From observing and identifying the areas of concern, to tailoring focused efforts to manage them, Alex followed through diligently. This has led to our son being able to assimilate into mainstream Primary school and he is currently coping very well in his new environment. We are very grateful to have Alex as our son’s therapist.M. L.| Parent
Alex’s care and dedication to my son has been holistic – engaging us, his school teachers and home tutors – in order for my son to reach his full potential. Alex’s approach is firm, yet gentle and his support and encouragement has been key to spurring our son and moulding him to be a responsible child and student.Leslie | Parent
Alex and his dedicated team of school and home support staff – Audrey, Venezia and Ee Teng have worked tirelessly to ensure that our son Jayden is well prepared and optimally settled in a school environment, anad we are delighted that he is thriving.

Jayden, his classmates and teachers appreciate them so much that they are very much seen as a seamless and cohesive class unit.

Not willing to rest on their laurels, Alex and his team continually upgrade their skills and impart them to parents and also in their approach to managing special needs children. They have a true passion in nurturing special needs children.

We are most blessed to have a dedicated team at Nurture Pods working with our son.Adeline, Jayden's mum | Parent

My family is thankful to the team at Nurture Pods for supporting myson in adjusting to the primary school environment. He was initially confused and discouraged in Primary 1 because he could not cope with the difference in expectations as well as his own sensory and communication issues.

When we contacted Nurture Pods, they were quick to assist in observations and meeting with the relevant educators. We truly felt supported throughout and greatly encouraged by the shadow support teachers who provided us prompt feedback. We are glad to see our son transitioning to independence and much happier in his school environment. Thank you.Sau Ling | Parent


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