We use a variety of effective early intervention programs to help your child overcome their developmental disabilities, learning and communication impairments.Our therapists work hand-in-hand with parents and family members to ensure your child will achive better functioning that translates to a better quality of life.

Invitation for Educational Research and Teaching Partnerships

Nurture Pods Child Development and Early Intervention Centre currently supports developmentally appropriate practices and evidence-based approaches. As part of our educational services growth and expansion plan, we are inviting educational institutions across Asia to partner with us for study programs, case-study and single-subject research on the following areas:

  • Home based Intervention
  • School Shadow Support
  • Centre based Early Intervention Approaches

We are also interested to partner as an off-campus teaching centre for educational colleges for applied / elective modules as part of the curriculum.

Please write to / for potential partnership plans.

Newsletters from Nurture Pods

Navigating Autism

Children with Autism in mainstream classrooms

Working with ADHD

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Helping your child to overcome learning disabilities

We use unique blend of intervention techniques that are effective for children with special needs like Autism Spectrum Disorders to develop important skills. Our intervention program helps to address the core deficits and focus on the following skills and behaviours:

codevelopCognitive development and play skills

shareExperience sharing functional communication

proactivityProactive approaches to behavior problems

innovationDynamic Intelligence

videomVideo Modeling

mindFlexibe and creative thinking and problem solving

delivering of social instructionsDelivering of social instructions

Our Services

We provide comprehensive and individualized intervention services that are personalized to help your child overcoming their developmental disabilities and their learning and communication impairments.

Centre for Child Development and Early Intervention


We design individually tailored programs to help your child achieve independence and develop essential individual and social skills for a good quality of life!


Home Intervention Program – Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)


Early intervention within your home environment promote learning and development! Provide extensive parenting support.

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School Support Program (School Shadowing Support)


A specialized service that work with your child’s teacher to assimilate your child’s first experiences with a new school or class.

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Nurture Pods Social Skill Class


We are proud to be among the first here in Singapore to offer the renowned Secret Agent Society Programme – a revolutionary social skills programme for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Training workshop


We are the pioneers in providing services to equip educators with the skills on managing children with learning disabilities and/or special needs in schools in Singapore.

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Professional/caregiver and online training (Skillsfuture claimable)

We are proud to present to you a series of online courses specifically on Autism and related developmental disorders.

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Professional Certificate (School Shadow Support)

Awarded by London Teacher Training College(LTTC)(Skillsfuture Credit Claimable)

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All the interventions techniques and programs are listed in the published Ministry of Health(MOH) Guidelines. (AMS-MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines 1/20/2010)

How We Can Support You

We provide a comprehensive set of learning tools to facilitate your participation in your child’s therapy programme.

Understand the principles behind the therapy that your child is experiencing and reinforce what your child has learnt.


One-to-One Parent Training


Review Objective Action Plan


Log Journal for every session


Tailored Programme File


Programme Schedule and Report


Recommendations to Paraprofessionals


Parents who are eligible for the Baby Bonus Scheme will be able to pay for our programs using their Child Development Account (CDA).

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Meet the Specialists

Comprising of overseas experts, Singapore registered Psychologist, highly qualified case supervisors and behavioral therapists

Alex Liau

Clinical Director

Soh Yong Hao

Center Director

tee shee hui

Tee Shee Hui

Early Intervention Specialist (Centre) B.A. (Hons)


Michelle Poh

Social Skills Trainer Consultant

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Our Happy Parents

Here’s what our parents say about us

My son has greatly benefited from the school shadow support and intensive home based programme provided by Nurture Pods. For the past 10 months, we have observed visible behavioural changes both at home and in school. Alex and his team of committed therapists are thorough with their game plan, and work closely with parents and teachers in their execution. They make good observations and are quick to intervene and devise new strategies to manage the situations. We would like to commend Nurture Pods for their excellent services.

— Shannon, Parent

My son is coping with mainstream school work and is able to understand the social demands on him, thanks to the help Alex Liau and his team mate have been giving us over the years. Alex’s experience as an ABA therapist and his patience in dealing with children with learning difficulties have greatly benefited my child.

— L.P, Parent

We like to thank Alex and his team from Nurture Pods for their help in giving great advice in regards to our two girl ASD condition. My two girls had gone through ABA therapy, shadow teachers as well as social therapy with Nurture Pods. Alex and his team gave very constructive suggestions on how to manage my girls behaviour in class, public and also able to share many good strategies for us to embrace and give us hope to manage them better. Most importantly, Alex zealous passion in Special Needs is shown clearly as he is always very responsive in every of our questions. To the extent that it robs his personal time. We are truly grateful for Alex for his help. We will always recommend other parents to Nurture Pods due to their wealth of knowledge of special needs.

— F.C Chan, Parent