Case Study: Jayden


Jayden is an 8-year-old boy with autism.He was from Pathlight school in his early years of age and has since been studying in a mainstream school at the age of 7. Jayden is the oldest child in his family and has two younger sisters.


Jayden is a soft-spoken and quiet boy unless provoked.He is a compassionate boy and often shows concern when he sees his friends crying.Most of the time,he is in his own world and would not respond when people talk to him.He is verbal but have difficulty starting a conversation with his peers. Jayden never initiates conversations and rarely makes eye contact with other individuals.He could not handle rejections well and would result in a meltdown when he does not get his way.He exhibited self-stimulatory vocalizations most of the time-loud and distracting to others. Jayden’s social skills were poor—He would engage in some parallel play if directed to do so but would not seek out other children.


Jayden has a short span of attention and loses his focus easily during lesson time. He would spaced out rather quickly and gets distracted easily.During work time,he tends to get flustered when he sees his friend finishes their work first.He would get upset and wants to be the first/winner.He tends to get impatient at times,wanting to lend books from his friends when they are still reading it.He would also get upset when his friends refuses to lend their books to him,sometimes resulting in a meltdown.Jayden gets restless easily during work time and tends to ask for help quite often.He needed prompts to do his work whenever necessary.On some days,he has problem keeping his books away during work time.Jayden would usually not participate in class activities or during class discussions.He has a poor social interactions and would not respond when his peers talk to him.He would not initiate conversations and maintain poor eye contact with individuals.Jayden would tend to play on his own during recess time.At the beginning of the school term,he has difficulty going back to class after recess,resulting in a meltdown.It has gradually improved since then.


Goals included:
Classroom Behavior:
• Improve on his level of concentration by showing him visual cues and social stories.
• Expand Jayden’s focus and attention during lesson time.
• Using of colour-coded timetable to show him what lesson is he having now and get him to say it out on his own. (For keeping books away)
• Reading of social story on a daily basis (In school/home) on handling rejection from his friends.Video modelling can be shown to him too.

Academic Work:
• Improve his concentration on his work.
• Exhibit consistency for task completion even though the questions are tough.
• To increase his confidence level in doing his work,encouragement and reassurance is important to boost his self-confidence.
• Using reward chart to reinforce good behavior.Reward him when he does his work independently.

Social Behavior:
• Improve on his eye contact.
• Increase his interaction with his classmates and teachers.
• Provide him a visual schedule on “Playground time”
(Eg: Recess —– Playground —– Classroom)
• Role-play with him at home on his social interactions especially when talking to his friends/teachers.
• Reading social stories to him on a daily basis and practiced parallel talking with him. (Using strips of paper)

In the past one year, Jayden has made big improvements in his social interaction skills.He would join his friends in playing tag and sitting together under the umbrella shelter benches during recess time.He has since get used to the routine during recess and could return to class without any problem now. At 6-months post intervention,Jayden could now keep his books away without any issue.He has started to interact more with his friends by asking “What happened? “Are you okay?”.

At 24 weeks,his parents commented he is much more vocal now and would respond when talking to him.They were happy that he is taking a huge step towards joining his friends and engaged in social interactions.He has made gradual improvement in his eye contact.Jayden’s teachers also reported that he has improved in following instructions well now such as keeping books away when lesson starts.
His self-stimulatory vocalizations continued, but he would stop when told to do so.

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