Clinical Director Alex received personal training from Carol Gray, the founder of Social Stories and the director of Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 2010, The National Autism Center listed “story-based intervention package” (with Social Stories™ identified as the most well-known of story-based interventions) as one of eleven established treatments for children on the autism spectrum (National Autism Center, 2010). Alex is the first in the region to be trained personally by Carol Gray. In 1991, Carol developed Social Stories™ and Comic Strip Conversations, strategies that are used worldwide with children, adolescents, and adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). She has published several resources on topics related to children and adults with ASD, including articles on bullying, death and dying, and how to teach social understanding. She is the recipient of the Barbara Lipinski Award for her international contribution to the education and welfare of people with ASD.