Case Studies

Introduction Jayden is an 8-year-old boy with autism.He was from Pathlight school in his early years of age and has since been studying in a mainstream school at the age of 7. Jayden is the oldest child in his family and has two younger sisters. Characteristic Jayden is a soft-spoken […]

Case Study: Jayden

Elena is four years old and resisted sitting at the table for any type of table top activities. She would be fine with doing the activities on the floor but would melt down if we insisted on her doing the activities on the table. Even if we managed to get […]

Case Study: Elena

Christian is currently a Grade 7 student in SAIS. He has difficulties in meeting the demands of the school curriculum and performs below grade level expectations. Teachers also reported that Chris displays task avoidance behaviors and requires more support to understand instructions when it comes to academic tasks. Socially, he […]

Case Study: Christian