Parenthood is a long, fulfilling but at times arduous journey. In this day and age, there are countless options for parents who are seeking help to navigate the complex maze that child-rearing appears to be. One such option is e-learning. E-learning refers to a course or program that is fully taught online. There are many reasons for its popularity; to see if these reasons compliment your needs, read on further.

1. Convenient and flexible
On e-learning platforms, learning can occur anytime at your convenience. You can access the educational material as and when you prefer, and there are no deadlines to rush for. Even assessments can be taken at your leisure. This is especially suitable for parents whose lives are often consumed with work or family, as this form of learning is not disruptive to your normal schedule.

2. Go at your own pace
Another advantage of e-learning is that you can study at the pace you are comfortable with. Everyone learns at a different speed. At traditional schools and skills building centers, the lesson content is only taught once and at a fixed schedule. With online courses, you can feel free to repeat your lessons as many times as you deem fit and to slowly master each lesson before progressing.

3. Enhanced learning
If you are concerned about the quality of e-learning courses in comparison to traditional, face-to-face classes, you’ll be surprised to find that e-learning courses actually facilitates enhanced learning. In a study by Liu (2010), it was found that students who took on e-learning were able to produce better results in comparison to their peers who were given face-to-face classroom lessons. They also expressed more satisfaction with their learning materials and environment.

4. Affordable Prices
Finally, e-learning programmes also tend to be much more affordable than traditional modes of education. This is because you do not have to pay for the spaces to have your lessons or the physical copies of your learning materials. Everything is conducted through the online platform and expenses are only necessary for your access to those platforms.

At Nurture Pods, our comprehensive online courses include content that goes into the detailed characteristics of a special needs child, the appropriate strategies to employ when interacting with them, the unique ABA approach our therapists employ and many more. If you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the ways to support your child through e-learning platforms, find out more about our courses at

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