Alex Liau W.M. (Whatt Meng) is an international author who has published 2 books in the U.S. with Future Horizons, Inc., the world’s leader in autism and sensory resources. Alex obtained his degree in Psychology from the National University of Singapore (NUS), and he has many years of experience working with children exhibiting a wide array of learning and behavior difficulties, with many diagnosed as having autism spectrum disorder (ASD). His presentations in the U.S., China, Taiwan, the U.K., and Australia have helped to establish him as an expert in the area of inclusive education and parent training, and his books are used by schools worldwide. His successes in working intensively with children with ASD have made him a firm believer of early intervention and other comprehensive, evidence-therapies. With this approach, Alex has helped many children to harness their confidence and self-esteem, thus boosting their ability to learn and progress.

Published Books

School Shadow Guidelines

Your child may find it difficult to adapt to new surroundings and learning environments from time to time.

School Shadow Guidelines provides strategies that help your child adapt to new surroundings and learning environments by providing appropriate behaviors in school.

School Shadow Guidelines will assist your child to develop appropriate behaviors in school, establish an environment that helps to strengthen academic ability, and help your child to build upon his/her social interaction skills with the goal of independence. Special needs children can benefit from having an inclusive education to aid in their development and growth; this is where school shadowing serves vital roles.


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A Parent’s Guide to Early Intervention: A Comprehensive Model for Children with Special Needs

A Parent’s Guide to Early Intervention provides parents with a simple step-by-step model to help their children with special needs navigate the above issues. It is based on the Comprehensive Model for Early Intervention (CMEI) developed by Alex Liau, who has worked with children with special needs for the past 15 years. Alex has combined his experiences in working with parents in Asia, United States, Australia, and Europe in crafting early intervention plans for children with special needs.

He believes that parents play an integral part in the development of a child with special needs. CMEI model breaks down the various steps parents can do to oversee and be INVOLVED in their children’s intervention plan.


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