Educational Therapy

Specialized form of intervention designed to help individuals who are experiencing learning challenges or developmental delays.

Our trained educators will identify specific individualized strategies to help your child build necessary skills to enhance their learning progress.

Programme Goals

1. Multisensory Approach
2. Individualized Support
3. Skill Development
4. Enhance Self-Esteem
5. Parent Involvement

Can my child join this programme?

Join us if your child is:

Struggling significantly in reading, writing and numeracy, more than most same aged children.

Transitioning from an early intervention programme to mainstream schools.

Having difficulties in memory, processing information and retaining learning.

Diagnosed with developmental delays and/or disorders.

What is the class ratio?

1 teacher : 2-3 students

How long is each session and how many times weekly?

Our session structure is twice a week, every Tuesday & Thursday.

3pm to 4.30pm (90 minutes session)