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What are the signs that your child needs intervention?

According the DSM IV TR, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are characterized by varying degrees of impairment in communication skills, social interaction and restricted, repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior. Signs of usual behaviors in the child can be detected, usually by parents, as early as 18 months are as below:

Early signs like the infant being “different”; unresponsive to people around or focusing intently on certain objects for prolong periods of time.

Children who seem to develop normally may also exhibit sudden change in behaviors; i.e. child who was lively and engaging suddenly becomes silent, withdrawn or indifferent to social interactions.

While some parents may prefer to adopt a “sit-and-wait” approach and monitor, what is critical in an intervention program is to start early (as soon as the child is identified/diagnosed to be at risk)

Who will benefit from our intervention program?

Children who exhibit characteristics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
Children with learning disabilities
Children with difficulties in verbal or non-verbal communication
Parents who want / need guidance in parenting

What is the time frame for intervention?

Your child will see significant and sustained improvement within 3-6 months in most cases.

What are the core deficits of autism?

Social Interactions
Repetitive Behaviors

How would the intervention program help?

Our intervention program will focus on:
Cognitive development and play skills
Proactive approaches to behavior problems
Flexible and creative thinking and problem solving
Experience sharing functional communication
Dynamic Intelligence
Delivering of social instructions
Video Modeling

How does center based program work?

Your child’s program will be individually crafted by our Center Director and assess regularly to ensure that your child attains good development.
Home visit will be conducted one month after enrollment for the set-up of an initial home program.
Each session is 3 hours which includes individual one to one sessions and group based activities.
Each class has a maximum size of 6 and has two teachers in charge of running the programs.
You will be briefed daily and a quarterly review on the child’s performance and progress at the centre