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Felicia Loh

Prior to her studies in University of Western Australia, Felicia has also obtained a Diploma in Psychology Studies from Temasek Polytechnic. During her course of study there, she completed a module on Psychology of Exceptional Child where she gained knowledge on resources and practice for Inclusive Early Childhood Education. As well as the importance of providing unique and effective education for children to achieve their full potential.
In addition to her studies, Felicia possess prior experience in working with individuals with special needs. She underwent an internship as a research assistant in Flinders University (under the Psychology Department) where she assisted her supervisor in a research project that examined how symptoms of individuals suffering with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can affect the probability of recognising criminal activity. The internship not only provided her with a greater insight and knowledge in individuals with ASD but also provided her with opportunities to interact with individuals with ASD while shadowing her supervisor during home visits. In the area of teaching children with special needs, Felicia had volunteered to teach in her church’s children ministry. There she was assigned to plan and teach activities such as storytelling and games to a class of kindergarten children. Through this, Felicia had the opportunity to interact with a boy with autism and learnt to use tools and other teaching methods to facilitate a class that would be enjoyable and beneficial for both the boy with autism and his other classmates.
Felicia also had relevant volunteering experiences with working with children. While studying in Perth, she volunteered to conduct a series of workshops (in Arts & Crafts, Sports, music and puppet shows) with the children in UWA Early Learning Centre. Additionally, she volunteered for mission trips to Myanmar with her church ministry. Where she was in charge in creating English Language lesson plans to the children in the orphanage. Furthermore, she was also assigned to lead a group for an Overseas Community Involvement Program to Cambodia while studying in Temasek Polytechnic. Besides helping in the renovation of the primary school there, she also taught them hygiene practices, English and Mathematics. These opportunities has equipped her to understand the behavioural resources that are used to engage and teach children. Her passion for working with children with special needs was inspired by the internships and volunteering experiences. Which has made her to believe in the importance of early intervention and proper guidance for children with special needs.

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