Personalize Your Child’s Intervention Program

At Nurture Pods, we believe in taking a comprehensive approach towards assessments of children to help setting the goals of our intervention program or Individualized Education Plan.

Our Process

Depending on the type of assessment or intervention needed, the approach may differ. The assessment is for the purpose of setting the goals of the intervention program.

Below is an example of a typical assessment process for a child with behaviour issues:

Initial Intake: We will conduct interviews with you to gather background on the child (development, medical, educational), family history and specific areas of concern. Depending on the situation, additional interviews may be needed with other family members (e.g. siblings, grandparents) and relevant people (e.g. caregivers, teachers).

Observations: Our therapist will also visit your child’s school and/or come to your home to observe how your child functions/behaves in environments where your child is most exposed.

Assessment: Based on the findings from the initial intake and observation, we will determine and work out a set of intervention program or Individualized Education Plan.

Report and Feedback: A formal feedback session will be arranged between the parents and our therapist. At this meeting, we will provide a written report on the results of the assessment and suggested recommendations for your child.


Examples of areas where we regularly complete assessment and testing include:

  • Behavioural Assessment
  • School Shadow Support
  • Conduct Disorder
  • Academic support for children with autism and ADHD

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