Ashley Wong

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Ashley Wong

Ashley previously worked as an English Teacher at NTUC First Campus My First Skool. During her 2 years of work as an English Teacher, she worked with children ranging from 2 – 6 years old mainly with the Nursery children. Some of her roles include (1) conducting daily activities and lessons, (2) developing progressive lesson plans for Nursery to Kindergarten 2 children in the domain of Music and Movement and Motor Skill Development and (3) promoting parental involvement by conducting parental workshops and involving parents into the classroom.

In her own time, Ashley is actively involved in her Taekwondo classes. She assists and teaches children ranging from age 5 to 16 with different learning profile, including a few children with mild special needs such as learning difficulty and mild Autism. She engages them through different methods of teaching. Her work experiences and her knowledge gained through the academic courses had helped her tremendously in managing children’s difficult behaviours. She believes strongly that every child deserves to learn to their best capability and helps them to achieve their fullest potential.

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