Audrey Liew

Our Specialist

Audrey Liew
Early Intervention Specialist

Audrey graduated with a diploma in Early Childhood Education from the Seed Institute. Her course of study has allowed her to put to practice different theories on child development and provide wide-ranging, multi-media and developmentally-appropriate learning experiences to young children.

She also learned a variety of early childhood approaches that allow facilitation of formulating innovative and developmentally appropriate curriculums. Her studies enabled her to be skilled in inclusionary practices for educating Exceptional Children, the content provided her with the knowledge and skills similar to that of special educators and/or paraprofessionals.

It has given her the necessary skills and knowledge to adapt and modify programs for an inclusive classroom environment. Audrey enjoys working with children and has extensive experiences in working with them. Starting from 2007, she has worked in various childcare centres and had worked with children of various ages.

Her work in the childcare centres has given her the opportunity to teach children of different abilities as well as handling various behaviors. She is also experienced in conducting different lessons like English and Mathematics and was in charge of deriving the lesson plans and implementing them. She also taught enrichment classes and is skilled in training children in various skills such as academic, self-help, basic routines and had handled playgroups.

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