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Brenda Wang

The course had further equipped her with practical skills and knowledge on managing children with special needs under various situations. She had also successfully applied such skills in her previous course of work when dealing with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and/ or Attention DeficitĀ  Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). A specific case that she has worked on was with a 11 years old child with ASD, whose parents hope to expose the boy to another environment outside of his school. The child faced issues at the start, while socializing with other children and following of routines and rules in the centre as he was often confused between the centre and school. Brenda helped the situation by improvising the centre-used reward booklets with visuals that help the boy in better understanding the rules. Such methods were improved along the way to be more situational specific and prominent for the child to understand better. Brenda also suggested a different routine apart from the usual practice in the centre, to guide the child and better his differentiating abilities between school and the centre. All her suggestions had proven to work when the behaviour of the childĀ  improved overtime with decrease of meltdown occurrences as child has familiarized with the environment and routines.

Brenda former experience in a Family Service Centre (FSC) had exposed her to a variety of situations for interactions with children. In the environment, she worked with many other troubled children, referred by social workers from the FSC, each with individual behavioural issue. She had conducted single or group sharing sessions with children, academic supervision, as well as playtime. She interacts very well with children.

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