Celeste Tan

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Celeste Tan

Celeste graduated from the University at Buffalo, New York with a Summa Cum Laude Latin Honors (Major GPA of 3.935 /4.0) in the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Her course of study had equipped her with a broad understanding of human behaviour across various fields of psychology such as developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology and clinical psychology. She is highly enthusiastic about her field of study and has outstanding achievements, including placement in the Dean’s list and being a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.

Celeste possesses extensive experience in working with children. She has worked in multiple pediatric branches of the Singapore Baby & Child Clinic (SBCC) under Parkway Medical. Her duties involved assisting the doctors and interacting with children for physical examinations. In particular, her employment in one of the clinics that specializes in neurology allowed her the opportunity to work with children with differing cognitive disabilities such as: autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and epilepsy.

Furthermore, she has also been employed in a psychology clinic (The Integrated Psychology Practice) for several years and has experience in working with children. Her passion for working with children with special needs was inspired by her experience with SBCC and The Integrated Psychology Practice. She believes that children with special needs are just like any other children and can maximize their potential with proper guidance.

She has been working with children with special needs in the school shadowing program (pre-school and primary school). In addition, she has experience doing home based ABA therapy sessions with children from moderate to mild autism.

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