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Chirnchip has actively sought to expand her capabilities as a therapist by attending professional courses. She holds a certificate in Autism, and has attended a Preparatory Programme for Teachers in Autism Early Intervention. She has also completed a course in Sign Language and Picture Exchange Communication System. Not only does Chirnchip have an in-depth understanding of students with Autism and other developmental disabilities, she is familiar with the variety of treatments and preventions that can be applied to help children affected by them.

Chirnchip has extensive experience implementing different approaches and strategies in teaching children with special needs, and helping to build a supportive environment for their learning. She has worked with children with Cerebral Palsy, Apraxia, Dyslexia, Global Development Delay, and other co-morbidities during her time at Thye Hwan Kwan Moral EIPIC.

Employment with Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) has also equipped her with advanced skills, knowledge and confidence to engage students with Autism. Chirnchip is able to offer a wide range of opportunities for effective and meaningful learning experiences. This includes extensive focus for socialization to foster emotional and social competence for students with Autism within inclusive environments. She proficient in evidence-based intervention such as, Explicit Teaching and Instruction, Applied Behavioral Analysis, and Positive Behaviour Support.

Chirnchip participates in volunteer activities during her free time as well. She assisted children with special needs in Fandhi Ahmad Football Club for Children with Special Needs. She is also a volunteer teacher for National Library Board (Kids Read) in which she directs language and communication (pragmatics, semantics, phonology, morphology and syntax) activities for mainstream children from low-income families. She also organized activities for clients with Psychological and Mental disabilities at Simei Care Center as part of her volunteering schedule. She strongly believes that early intervention is key to children with special needs, and it is important that they have the necessary life skills to be able to exhibit their full potential.

She has been with Nurture Pods since 2012. She is highly skilled, efficient and experienced to provide supports and teaching instruction for severe to mild Autism. She is also able to conduct parent-trainings and collaborate with relevant professionals that will be beneficial for you child.

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