Cindy Yeow

Our Specialist

Cindy Yeow

Cindy has prior experience in working with children with special needs. She worked with a Spectrum Learning Centre. Her role involves with dealing with children that have learning difficulties, ADHD and hyperactivity. Most of the children she dealt with are primary school students. Besides working with children with special needs at the centre, she also acquired the skill of using a qEEG machine which helps to analyze the client’s brainwaves. While doing so, she would guide the children to practice and remember certain behavior that will encourage a desired response. Upon a couple of sessions with the child, she was also required to provide a report on how the child is doing with the parents. Which will then decide if further therapy is needed. She enjoyed working with the children and supporting them. She aspires to help and maximize the potential of each child that she works with and provide the care and support that is needed.

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