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Dorothea Leong

Dorothea is from Nanyang Technological University. As a psychology student, Dorothea has gleaned a broad understanding of the various fields of psychology including developmental psychology, clinical psychology and educational neuroscience. Dorothea enjoys learning about her field of study and takes initiative to seek further understanding in areas that interest her.

During her studies in Nanyang Technological University, Dorothea has chosen to expose herself to courses that would assist her in her understanding of child psychopathology. In addition to life span development, Dorothea has taken modules in health psychology and applied educational neuroscience, giving her an in-depth understanding of the cognitive, physical and emotional development of children with special needs.

Dorothea possesses extensive experience in working with children. She is currently a volunteer with the Boy’s Brigade as an officer. As an officer of the Boy’s Brigade, Dorothea’s duties include the planning and execution of various activities such as camps or life skills and leadership lessons. Through her experiences with the Boy’s Brigade, Dorothea has gained exposure towards mentoring, teaching and counselling primary school children. Dorothea has been volunteering as an officer for the past 4 years, and is certified as a life skills facilitator.

Dorothea also has prior experience working with children with special needs. She has worked briefly at Chapel of Christ the Redeemer (CCR) as a ministry intern. Her duties involved working with the counsellors and teachers of St. Hilda’s Primary School in mentoring, teaching and counselling children at risk as well as children with special needs. Her work at CCR allowed her to work with children with ADHD, autism, dyslexia and various learning and behavioural issues. Dorothea has experience in assisting the school’s counsellors and allied educators in teaching math and literacy skills to children with special needs, as well as developing the child’s compliance, social skills and behaviour through modelling, roleplaying, teaching of social scripts and rules, as well and reinforcing positive behaviour. Through these sessions, Dorothea has gained experience in conducting clinical observations and interviews, testing and assessing child behaviour, planning and carrying out lesson plans as well as preparing visual aids. She believes that children with special needs are just like any other children and can maximise their potential with proper guidance.

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