Elizabeth Low

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Elizabeth Low

She worked at various reputable childcare centers and kindergartens such as Julia Gabriel, Chiltern House, St Joseph’s Church Kindergarten and Maple Bear. Apart from planning and conducting lessons for the class as a whole, she conducts one-on-one focused lessons that are tailored to the needs of each of her student to help them work on their speech, reading and motor skills. She believes that every individual is unique and there is no fixed way to teach, every child learns differently; they should be taught in the way that they learn best. She showcases her creativity by coming up with different ways to teach the materials, ensuring that her lessons are always interesting and appeals to all four types of learners: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic.

Over the years, she has come across children with various learning difficulties (example: autism) and were drawn to help them learn the necessary skills for them to learn better and excel in future. There was one boy in her class that had problems with social skills. He did not want to play with his classmates or even interact with them and would sit at a corner of the classroom whenever possible. The child would spend time drawing and Elizabeth would make it a point to sit with him during their play time and try to get him to communicate with the other children with the same interest. She would praise all their drawings and get them to talk about one thing they like about their friends drawing. Initially everyone was very reserved but as she made the activity a routine, the students started getting more open towards each other and were encouraging as well. This small activity created warmth among these children, which got the boy to open up to his friends a little bit more. Within a month, much progress was seen as the boy would initiate conversations with his friends and ask if they would like to draw together. The other students also became more comfortable around him and learned how to approach him.

As a teacher, Elizabeth makes it a point to cultivate caring relationships with her students and works closely with their families. She strongly believes in providing feedback and advice to parents, consistently updating them about their child’s performance and progress to ensure that a supportive environment is maintained.

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