Esther Sng

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Esther Sng

Esther is from Murdoch University, majoring in Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Prior to her studies in Murdoch University, Esther has also obtained a Diploma in Counselling from Kaplan Higher Education Academy. During her course of study there, she was trained on Counselling, Crisis Intervention and Conflict Management Skills that enables her to be an efficient problem solver even under stressful situation.

Esther possesses extensive experience in working with children. She has worked part time as a private tutor, both group and home tutoring. Her duties involved designing and executing lesson plans, assessment grading and helping the students with their work. In her many years of experience, she has encountered and managed a wide array of different temperament and behavior in children, including student with dyslexia.

Esther possesses experience in working with children with special needs. She is trained in working with children with special needs (Eg: autism) using Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) techniques. Through her work, she was able to help in developing the students’ psychomotor and sensorimotor skills, guiding them through class activities, maintaining appropriate behavior in different settings and learned how to step in to stop self-injury behaviour. She believes that children with special needs should not be treated with a tinted lens but to be embraced and guided to be the best version of themselves.

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