Gwee Gin Jen

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Gwee Gin Jen

Gin Jen duties involved working with teachers in assisting the teachers in the classroom setting for the children. This involved teaching, prompting, and shadowing the children in need. She had worked with children with mild autism to extreme autism, including children with autism-associated medical conditions. She either work with children 1:1 with a supervision of a teacher or a bigger setting of up to 1:6. As a teacher’s aide, she has gain valuable experience managing children with autism. In addition, she was tasked to create English resources that would be used by the educators in school. All in all, she has contributed to the academic progress of individual students needing behavioural, emotional and social support.


Specific case that she has worked on was supporting the youngest class in her track, aged thirteen years old. Presenting herself as a new face to the children poses a challenge for both the children and herself. During lessons, the child may throw tantrums in an attempt to make her give in to their wants. However, her determination and firmness to befriend and support the child was proven a success when the child was receptive to her instructions after that, continuing with lessons.


Gin Jen possesses extensive experience in working with children. She was highly involved with children, from participating in children’s camps during holidays to travelling on missionary trips to educate young children. In addition, she collaborated with Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) to test out the effectiveness of their intervention programme during her Final Year Project. She worked with children aged seven to twelve over a period of three months and from there, it ignited her passion and motivation to work with children of all ages. Upon graduation, she went on to Pathlight School. She firmly believes that every child is unique in their own ways. With proper guidance and support, a child is able to unleash their truest potential, no matter the condition of the child because every child is special.

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