Kelly Teo

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Kelly Teo
Early Intervention Specialist

Kelly graduated with a Bachelor with honours degree from the Liverpool John Moores University, majoring in Psychology. She also holds a diploma in Counseling Psychology from the College of Allied Educators. Upon graduation, she worked as a teacher for special needs children at the Budding Minds Learning Centre.

At the setting, she was in charge of managing and delivering intervention programs for children more than two years old. She taught the children various skills relating to the domains of academic, self-help, social skills. She was also heavily involved in their behavior management so that the children are able to learn independently in the classroom. Additionally, she helped the children develop self-awareness and built up on their socio-communicative skills.

Kelly has also worked in Kiwanis CareHeart Centre, where she headed the Department of Professional Training. The Centre is one of the largest centre in Johor that provides special education training and programs to youth. Apart from providing training to the staff in the centre, she conceived and implemented intervention program for the students in the centre. She also provided counseling for teenagers with special needs to achieve a good quality of life by being independent and being able to pick up important skills to attain employment.

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