Leow Jing Wen

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Leow Jing Wen

In addition to her studies, Jingwen possesses extensive experience in working with children and youths, both individually and in groups. Previously, she has worked with Youth Guidance Outreach Services, where she assisted in facilitation of Experiential Learning & Mentoring Programme (ELMP) with youths at risk. ELMP is conducted in a safe and conducive place and consists of group-based activities that aim to equip participants (aged 9 to 16) with pro-social skills and habits. Through facilitation of ELMP, it gave Jingwen the opportunity to interact with youths who are suspected of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), aged from 12 to 14, thus allowing her to provide directive guidance and positive reinforcements on particular habits such as taking turns, cooperating with groupmates and empathising with another.

In addition, she also observed and assisted in one-on-one counselling sessions with students, as well as coordinating with teachers and counsellors in mainstream schools on how to arrange schedules and materials to motivate them. This has allowed Jingwen to understand the demands of mainstream schools from both teachers’ and students’ perspectives. In spite of various common obstacles such as little visible progress, Jingwen’s experience has shaped her to be a highly motivated individual who responds readily to the obstacles in order to help each child achieve their potential.

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