Marieta Xaviera Furtado

Our Specialist

Marieta Xaviera Furtado

Marieta graduated from University of Wollongong with a Bachelor’s of Science degree majoring in Psychology. Her course of study had equipped her with a broad understanding of human behaviour across various fields of psychology such as developmental psychology, neuropsychology and clinical psychology. Marieta has developed strong interest in working with children while she was studying.

Prior to joining Nurture Pods, Marieta worked in a children enrichment centre that targets both academic and creative skills in various domains for about a year. She was involved in preparing and facilitating children’s programs for the ages of 3 years to 12 years. Marieta had the opportunity to conduct classes delivering both structured curriculum and unstructured curriculum for children with different level of ability.

Marieta is experienced in using various methods including technology to produce fun, interactive and interesting content to entice children of different ages when delivering the lessons plans.

Her passion and patience when working with children with special needs allow her to bring out the potential in them.

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