Maya Nur Fatin Bte Johar

Our Specialist

Maya Nur Fatin Bte Johar

Maya graduated from the Management Development Institute of Singapore, with a diploma in Psychology. Her course of study has equipped her with a broad understanding of human behavior through many subfields within the discipline of psychology. She has always been very enthusiastic about her field of study and her competitiveness helped her to achieve excellent results.

During the course of her studies, she discovered her interest in clinical and health psychology. After performing numerous case studies in the clinical health domain, she realized her vital strengths lies in providing therapy for special needs children.

These experiences have provided her an essential background to work in a clinical setting. Through her studies, she also learned about the various psychological disorders and their traits and therefore her knowledge in the theoretical basis facilitated the practical therapy sessions with special needs children. She is able to adjust the various modes of therapy to cater to each individual child. Maya never hesitates in providing care and services to the community whenever she is available.

The love and passion for working with children spurred her to doing her best for special needs children. Her compassionate personality instills her with a personal mission which was to equip helpless children with special needs with everyday life skills such that they may be able to support themselves throughout their lives.

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