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Nicholas Tay

Nicolas is highly enthusiastic about his field of study and hopes to apply what he has learnt in his course to help individuals in need, particularly in the developmental area, where Nicholas has focused his studies on. He has also done a final year thesis on Autism and Wrongdoing in Australia, where he looked at how those with ASD respond and understand what wrongfulness is and the possible factors that could affect their understanding of it.

Nicolas has work in various special needs establishments. One experience was at the Neurodevelopmental Research Centre at KK Hospital, where he administered various developmental tests on the children who visited the centre. Nicholas also engaged and observed these children during their visits, who were around four and a half to five years of age. The children were under a birth study programme called GUSTO, where they would make regular visits to the centre at different time points in their life. Besides his stint at KK Hospital, Nicholas also worked at Pathlight School. He was attached to the vocational track, working with the students whose age ranged from 13 to 21 years old. He helped in classroom support, planning and working with the teachers on curriculum and behavioural management plans for the students. He also has experience in making and adapting visuals and materials for students.

A specific area that Nicholas worked in Pathlight was to provide 1:1 classroom support for a male student. This student was known to have emotional regulation problems, and often needed 1:1 support as he was easily distracted. At the beginning, the student was quite apprehensive and had not warmed up to Nicholas yet. As Nicholas got to know the student better, he encouraged and helped this student to regulate and focus during lessons better. This student gradually needed lesser 1:1 attention, and was able to follow the schedule and reward system during lessons. Nicholas worked with this student through the use of visuals and a schedule system, focusing on communication to help the student. The work with Pathlight also included a collaboration effort with the teachers, as Nicholas worked with them to formulate the best plans to help this student, adjusting when needed. Ultimately, this student managed to get a best improvement certificate in his class, in the same semester that Nicholas worked with him.

Nicholas also possesses extensive experience in working with children. He has had two different overseas community involvement projects (OCIP) during his university years, in India and Brazil, working with children. The one in India involved working with a primary school in India, teaching the students computer skills and helping to set up a website for the school. The OCIP in Brazil required Nicholas to volunteer his time in a afterschool care, looking after the children and ensuring that their time after school was not wasted away. Having the opportunity of interacting with children from various places allowed Nicholas to better understand children in spite of the language differences, and makes him want to further his experiences in working with children because he believes that each and every child is unique in their own special way. He is more than willing to help the children solve their problems, discover their talents, and unleash their potential.

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