Nuraishah Binte Yusoff

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Nuraishah Binte Yusoff

Nuraishah has prior experience working with children with special needs, specifically children with autism. Previously, she was a teacher’s aide at Eden School, which specifically catered for children with autism. Her duties involved working with teachers and parents in assisting the teachers in the classroom setting for the children. This involved teaching, prompting, and shadowing the children in need. She had worked with children with mild autism to severe autism. She either work with children at a one to one setting or a bigger setting of up to 1 therapist to 7 children. As a teacher’s aide, she has gain valuable experience managing children with autism. In addition, she was in charge of the toy booth during lunch time. She would set up booth that will help improved on their fine motor skills at the same time having fun. All in all, she has contributed to the academic progress of individual students needing behavioral, emotional and social support.

Specific case that she has worked on was supporting a class with children with weak and slow learning abilities with low verbal abilities. Presenting herself as a new face to the children poses a challenge for both the children and herself. During exercise session, the child would try to floor in effort to gain her attention. However, her determination and patience to befriend and support the child was proven a success when the child was more responsive and receptive when she asked the child to stand on her own feet without force.

Nuraishah possesses extensive experience in working with children. She was a research assistant at NTU. She had to work with children of kindergarten level. Her duties was to collect and conduct a test on selected children from the kindergarten. This confirmed her passion and motivation to work with children of all ages. Having experience working with children of ages gave her a different light, which makes her wanting to understand more about the children thoughts and behaviour.

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