Pearlyn Pua

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Pearlyn Pua

She was also in charge of a class of toddlers for a year, taught drama for children between the ages of 2 to 6, and created a performance for children between the ages 2 to 6. She has received many good reviews from parents and has helped assist parents in further understanding their child better.She has previously worked with a children who displayed symptoms of autism in her class of toddlers. Pearlyn managed to remain calm and ensured that lessons were conducted to the best of their potential despite having to take care of 9 other toddlers in her class, displaying the ability to remain understanding and patient even during difficult situations. In addition, Pearlyn has experience supporting children with special needs (autism and ADHD) in mainstream preschool settings. She has also developed customized visual supports to develop their sense of independence and social skills with neuro-typical children in the class.

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