Tee Shee Hui

Our Specialist

Tee Shee Hui
Early Intervention Specialist (Centre)

At Nurture Pods, Shee Hui is currently the Program Manager who delivers and manages intervention programs with the Centre Director. She is familiar with conducting therapy by implementing the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and TEACCH (Structured Teaching) approach with the children. Her duties include planning lesson plans, executing group activities and training children in their daily routine. She believes that special needs children can maximize their potential with proper guidance and intervention.

Shee Hui graduated with Honours from Nanyang Technological University with a Degree in Psychology. Her course of study has equipped her with a broad understanding of human behaviour across various fields of psychology and also important knowledge relating to child development and behavioral approaches to provide therapy interventions. She is highly enthusiastic about her field of study and has achieved good results, obtaining Second Upper Class Honours in her degree.

Besides her academic background, Shee Hui has obtained a certificate in Shadow Teaching Program. During her course of study, she learned how to assist special needs children in adapting to mainstream school settings. Having learnt about these children from different perspectives of varying professions, such as Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychologists and Speech Pathologists, Shee Hui has learnt to plan and strategize a curriculum that is more comprehensive for special needs children.

Shee Hui also possesses extensive experience in working with children in the mainstream and early intervention settings. She has worked at My Kids Day Care Centre and Citikids Edventure Pte Ltd as an early childhood educator. Her roles involved implementing lesson plans, organizing field visits and shaping positive behavior for the students. Besides that, her internship with Mr Bottle Kids’ Party has enriched her in planning events and activities for the children and teenagers. Additionally, she worked briefly as a private tutor and she taught Chinese and Mathematics to the children under her charge.

As a regular volunteer with Singapore Tzu Chi Foundation, Shee Hui has first-hand experience in working with special needs children. While volunteering, she handled children with a wide range of disabilities such as: autism, Down’s syndrome and physical disabilities. She assisted in developing their sensorimotor skills and maintaining appropriate behavior in different settings.

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