Vanessa Tang

Our Specialist

Vanessa Tang

She is highly passionate about her field of study and hopes to apply her theoretical knowledge throughout the course of study into practical output to help individuals in need.

In addition to her studies, Vanessa worked at Scott Psychological Centre for ADHD & Developmental Trauma, where she witnessed and got in contact with psychologists, and therapists when they worked with children, adolescents, and adults with special needs or mental illnesses. This also gave her opportunities to interact with children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as well as their parents to gain a better understanding and insight into their daily lives and the demands on the family.

Vanessa also has relevant volunteering experiences with children and youths with special needs. She has worked with young kids from Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids, Olive Tree Development Centre and the children’s ward at the Institute of Mental Health whereby she shadowed speech therapists, occupational therapists, and educational therapists during their individual and group therapy sessions. She also took charge in several settings and administered various intervention programs under the guidance of the therapists. She understands the behavioural tools and instruments that are used to engage and teach children and youths with special needs. In addition, Vanessa along with other NUS students started a program for individuals with autism, Project Embrace, where they organized monthly activities for the children and youths. This involved bringing them out on field trips, teaching social skills, and engaging in dynamic games and activities.

Lastly, Vanessa possesses extensive experience in working with children and youths on a one-to-one basis. Besides tutoring the children and youths from Project Embrace, she has also worked with less fortunate children under the program, Bringing Learning to Every Shining Star (BLESS) Cass Clementi. Having the opportunity of being tutoring them personally has allowed Vanessa to understand that each child has a unique personality, and a unique set of strength to solve their problems. Her extensive work with numerous individual children allowed her to hone her own teaching skills to suit the needs of the children she tutors. Her tutoring experiences also cultivated her patience and kindness in responding to children when they make mistakes, or are unwilling to learn.

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