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Wanda graduated from The University of Nottingham with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with honours. Her course of study had equipped her with a broad understanding of human behaviour across various fields of psychology such as developmental psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology and developmental disorders. She is highly enthusiastic about her field of study and hopes to apply what she has learnt in her course to help individuals, particularly children, in need.

She completed a stint at a children’s therapy clinic in Singapore, Therapy Inc. She assisted the directors of the clinic, Sheryl Lau and Joan Lim, who were in charge of speech therapies. She assisted for individual therapy sessions where she encountered children with various developmental difficulties, such as autism, dyslexia and motor speech disorders. Besides learning about the different tools used in speech therapy for children, Wanda also had the chance of interacting with some of the children, engaging them in different activities that helped to build their verbal communication skills. Wanda also had the opportunity to assist in occupational therapy sessions at Therapy Inc. She helped to conduct group therapy sessions, encouraging the development of children’s motor skills.

Furthermore, Wanda also had the opportunity to undergo a research stint at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. In her capacity as a Visiting Researcher, Wanda was part of a team that conducted a longitudinal study involving preterm babies. Along with her colleagues, she conducted psychological assessments on children of varying ages to better understand the causal effect of preterm birth on certain developmental disorders, such as autism and ADHD. She interacted with children as young as two years old and up to 11 years old. Besides administering assessments, Wanda also learnt about the different neurological bases of developmental disorders in preterm children. Her experience in Australia has enhanced her understanding in child psychology and fine-tuned her skills in interacting with children with special needs.

Wanda also possesses numerous prior experiences working with children in preschool settings. She has worked as an assistant teacher at preschools both in Singapore and in Indonesia, where she interacted and worked with infants aged 6 months up to 5 years old. Besides being involved in pre-nursery and nursery classes, Wanda was also involved in Speech and Drama classes for toddlers. Having witnessed reserved children bloom into confident speakers, Wanda was inspired to channel her expressive and interactive nature to help other children with their social skills. She understands that every child is different and she enjoys being able to interact with them in helping them unleash their full potential. Moreover, Wanda also has experience teaching private tuition, particularly in English and Mathematics. She found joy in discovering new ways to help her students solve problems and improve in their schoolwork.

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