Tan Zhi Ying

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Tan Zhi Ying

Zhi Ying graduated with Honours from the University of York, UK with a degree in Psychology. During her final year of study, she took an advance module on Biological Basis of Developmental Disorders where she learned about the biological causes and behavioural aspects of disorders such as autism, dyslexia, specific language impairments and ADHD. This equipped her with a deeper understanding of such developmental disorders and changed her perspective of it. For her dissertation, she studied the effect of sleep on emotional regulation and its practical implications in ADHD.

Throughout her time at the University, she actively volunteered and thus gained invaluable experience in working with children as well as teaching. She had placements at Badger Hill Primary School and Dunnington Primary School, York, UK, where she read individually with students identified as slow readers and taught them phonics to improve their reading fluency. She also helped to facilitate group work and discussion. During her holiday, she worked as a teacher assistant at a student-care center in Singapore. Her role involved supervising students’ schoolwork and she implemented small-group teaching for slow learners and students with learning difficulties and catered her teaching to their pace of learning.

Zhi Ying has prior experience in working with children with special needs. She was a volunteer at Hob Moor Oaks School in York, a school for children with special needs. As a classroom assistant her role involved interacting with children with different levels and types of impairments and needs through game play, singing, teaching simple sign language and other classroom activities. She helped the teacher to guide students with their personalized work task aimed at practicing certain motor and cognitive skills. Her task involved observing, recording and prompting them on the task. She also worked at SNAPPY (Special Needs Activity and Play Provision York), a weekly Saturday session for children and young adults with varying levels of special needs. She learned to interact with and engaged them in activities through play and art and craft. She aspires to maximize the potential of each child and facilitate learning by giving him/her the appropriate support and guidance.

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