Fully SkillsFuture Funded – $420

This training program is fully claimable via Skillsfuture credit. Cost includes:

  1. 1. 2 online courses
  2. 2. One-time face to face training with Clinical Director, Alex Liau.

Courses Offered

Early Intervention for Children with Autism

  • Identify characteristics of persons with developmental disorders
  • Execute appropriate strategies to interact with them
  • Create effective communication strategies like visual schedules to help them cope better

Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA)

  • Basic techniques and methods used in ABA
  • Rules to increase effectiveness of ABA
  • How ABA can be applied to motor skills, language, cognitive and visuospatial skills

One-time face to face coaching session (1 hour) with Clinical Director, Alex Liau. Coaching can be done online via zoom if learner is unable to meet at the center for consultation.

To enrol, please email us at: request@nurturepods.com or call us at 63525938 for more details.