Meet the Specialists

Carina Yeap

Graduated with Bachelors in Psychology from University at Buffalo, Carina has working experience in Nurture Pods since 2017. She has been trained the Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) method through working with clients in 1-1 home-based sessions as well as by being a shadow teacher to a client of Nurture Pods.

Having interacted and worked with students with special needs from ages 4-13, Carina’s deep passion to improve the lives of children with special needs remain. She is well equipped and highly motivated to help children with special needs reach their potential, be able to conduct daily living skills, show compliance to instructions as well as enjoy therapy sessions conducted at the comfort of their home.

Her previous experience working with clients of Nurture Pods include:

  • Ensuring smooth transitions in school
  • Engaging the child’s involvement in school activity
  • Toilet hygiene and routine
  • Self-feeding using different utensils
  • Encourage trying of new food
  • Money skill
  • Incorporating exercise to daily life
  • Emotion regulation
  • Assisting with social outings
  • Prep children for academic support in mainstream school

Working together with caregivers and children is and will always be the priority.