Meet the Specialists

Crystalyn Leo

With a passion in the environment and working with children, Crystalyn has worked in the early intervention industry since end 2014 after graduating with an honours degree from the National University of Singapore. Her deep calling to work with children who have learning difficulties and disabilities have powered her through these years to reach out to more children who comes her way. With many years of experience, she has worked her way up and in turn, has been a strong advocate in mentoring new staff to develop this industry further in order to benefit more children.

Crystalyn strongly believes that every child is different despite the same diagnosis. She assesses each child’s needs via individual domains (visual processing, auditory processing, expressive and receptive language, gross and fine motor skill, sensory need and behaviour) to ensure that the root issues causing the developmental delay are being effectively intervened, increasing the chances of each child assimilating better in mainstream settings. In her years of experience, she has also developed curriculum for inclusive preschool setting and organised school trips for children with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Lastly, she understands that the reach of a teacher is limited by the time a child spends in school and actively seeks to engage parents in continuing the intervention journey at home. Tailoring each journey specifically to each child’s needs and the lifestyle of the parents takes a significant amount of time and effort but Crystalyn’s main goal is always to find the most sustainable intervention method to allow each child to grow at his/ her pace.

In her free time, Crystalyn continues to contribute back to society in mentoring children from disadvantaged families as well as sponsoring children overseas!