Meet the Specialists


Farah graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Applied Drama & Psychology. Her course of study has equipped her with a broad understanding of human behavior across various fields of psychology such as developmental psychology, educational psychology, social psychology as well as abnormal psychology. She is highly enthusiastic about her field of study and working with children to raise future leaders.

During the course of her studies in Singapore Polytechnic, Farah has undertaken a course in abnormal psychology to better differentiate the common disorders that may present differently in children and adults. To further aid her understanding on the educational needs of special needs children, she has also undertaken a course in educational psychology. The course has enabled Farah to have a good understanding of biological and neurological bases for certain disorders, the basics of managing behaviors, as well as a good understanding of how to best overcome academic challenges for students with special needs

Farah has an extensive experience of working with children. She worked at a local pre-school establishment, PCF Little Wings as a teacher. Her main roles were to engage and plan drama-based activities for the children aged 12 months to 6 years old. She has also worked with MindChamps Pte. Ltd. as a Specialist English Teacher for preschool aged children. Farah has prior experience in teaching, as a drama teacher in various schools, and has led classroom-based activities for children whilst working with Learning Horizon.  Farah has also planned and facilitated holiday enrichment camps for children aged 6-10 years olf and is experienced in handling children from various backgrounds and ages.

Farah also has experience of working with children with special needs.  She was previously  shadow teacher for children with autism in mainstream school settings. She is familiar with the strategies to successfully manage their behaviors. She is a firm believer of enabling children with special needs to reach their full potential with early intervention

Meet the Specialists

Comprising of overseas experts, Singapore registered Psychologist, highly qualified case supervisors and behavioral therapists.