Meet the Specialists

Hwee Ting

Prior to joining Nurture Pods, Hwee Ting worked at Eden School as an intern, serving students with moderate to severe autism. During her time at Eden School, Hwee Ting guided and engaged students in classes, and supported students in their learning of basic work habits, functional communication, functional academics, vocational skills, as well as community living and daily living skills. Hwee Ting also assisted teachers in various areas, in and outside classrooms, including management of behaviors of students, provision of differentiated, oneto-one intensive support to students who require more support, and preparation of individualized teaching resources.

Aside from her experience in the special education industry, Hwee Ting also worked at New Ideas Language School and Daekyo Eye Level, as a sessional tutor and a teaching assistant respectively. Her experience in the education industry gave her opportunities to work with students of ages 3 to 14 and allowed her to hone her teaching skills, providing individualized teaching that best fit the students.

In her own time, Hwee Ting has volunteered at various organizations, including Institute of Mental Health and Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore). In her three years with IMH, volunteering has allowed Hwee Ting to grow with the patients as she sought to develop greater empathy and understanding towards, and better communication with persons with mental illnesses.

Hwee Ting is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree – Bachelor of Psychological Science – at James Cook University.

Meet the Specialists

Comprising of overseas experts, Singapore registered Psychologist, highly qualified case supervisors and behavioral therapists.