Meet the Specialists

Michelle Poh

  • Early Intervention Training Consultant.
  • Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) program consultant
  • Trained provider of social skill programs under Social Skill Training Institute (Australia)

Michelle Poh is in charge of the Social Skills Classes and Social Skills Programs at Nurture Pods.

Michelle graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with an Honours Degree in Psychology in 2010. Few years prior to her graduation, Michelle was working as a behavioral therapist. As a result of her work, she undertook special modules in NUS pertaining to behaviors and conditioning. She also realized that the primary concerns of most parents with children with autism are their abilities to communicate and socialize, she thereby undertook further modules on language and cognition. Michelle was fortunate that she was able to apply the various theories she had learnt in university in her work such as discrete trial training, differentiate reinforcement, functional behavioral analysis and more. With years of service delivery and counting, Michelle has gained extensive experience in working with children with varying degree of autism and behavioral disorders.

Due to her immerse passion in delivering intervention to children with autism; Michelle was posted to Perth, Australia at her previous company, to undertake further behavioral management work and studies. It was a very fruitful trip as she learnt to design ABA programs which are more play-based while inculcating skills to the children. She deeply believes that ABA programs should be fun and functional as such her programs are usually very engaging and parents commented that they never fail to hear their children laughing in her sessions. This overseas stint also gave her the unique advantage in managing cases across diverse cultures.

With her dynamic and energetic personality, she has actively conducted social skill programs and assisted her clients in arrangement and conducting of play dates. Michelle is a trained provider of social skills programs under Social Skill Training Institute (Australia) and will be running a series of social skills projects for Nurture Pod Pte Ltd.

During her leisure time, Michelle is an avid trekker and is a member of NUS Make It Real Mountaineering club. She has also participated in various community dramas and performances.