Meet the Specialists

Puei Ling

Puei Ling has experience in the special education sector for 6 years
now. She started as an administrator in an Occupational Therapy Centre
and eventually, she found her interest in helping children with special
needs. She has a Diploma in Special Education from the College of Allied

Throughout her teaching journey, she has worked with various profiles of
children (Sensory Processing Difficulty, ASD, ADHD and Social Skills
Difficulty). She believes that encouraging positive behaviour plays a
big role in a child’s learning. By implementing appropriate behaviour
management strategies, every child can be engaged and motivated to
learn, which in turn helps the child build good relationships with
adults and peers.

She also believes that every child learns differently and there is no
one-size-fits-all approach; hence, it is important to find out the needs
of every child and tailor instructions individually for them. Children
quickly learn the appropriate behaviour when they receive positive and
consistent guidance.