Meet the Specialists

Soh Yong Hao

Yong Hao

BSSc.(Hons), MSSc. Member at Singapore Psychological Society Associate Member at American Psychological Association
Certified Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Implementer

First Singaporean to be certified by Pyramid Educational Consultants (official certifying body for Picture Exchange Communication System-PECS) from USA.

Yong Hao holds a Masters degree in Psychology from the National University of Singapore. During his course of study, he engages in extensive literature reviews and research work in the field of psychology. He has also conducted research on the primary and secondary studies on health care issues in Singapore and other countries in Asia. He has since published articles in international journals.

He realized his interest lies in neuropsychology and neuroscience, upon which he engaged in psychological assessment of the children and adult population.

He went for intensive TEACCH (Structured teaching) training held at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA) where he had first hand experience on learning the University of North Carolina TEACCH Autism Program and had the opportunity to work with the children in the program using TEACCH principles. It provided a theoretical foundation as well as practical work that Yong Hao had to assess and teach children with ASD in a classroom setting.

To build on his knowledge and application of TEACCH, Yong Hao attended the TEACCH advanced topics seminar at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The course will help professionals further develop their skills as TEACCH practitioner in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families. Strategies were also taught to help professionals move beyond the basic implementation of the Structured Teaching concepts and further develop their expertise in topics like program choreography, data collection, program monitoring and consultation in the TEACCH model through lecture, group work and discussion.

Yong Hao went for advanced level Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) training and is currently the first and only Singaporean to be certified in implementing the PECS program.

He is actively involved in the operations of the centre as well as ensuring the quality of the curriculum for the education of children with learning and behavior difficulties.