Meet the Specialists

Suliska Tiong

Suliska graduated from the University of Wollongong (SIM – UOW) with a Bachelors in Psychological Science and a Diploma in Early Childhood Studies under Temasek Polytechnic. With over 4 years of experience working with children ranging from 2 – 9 years old as a Mathematics, English and Phonics tutor, she is well-equipped with both theoretical and practical knowledge on individualizing learning materials to accommodate to each child’s needs. She is a strong believer that there is no cookie-cutter method for optimal learning. Every child is special in their own way and the role of an educator is to identify the needs of the child and modify their natural learning environment accordingly so as to ensure that the holistic development of each child is well-looked into.

Suliska’s interest in working with children with special needs sparked when she was studying modules such as  “Early Intervention”, “Exceptional Children Psychology”, “Child Psychology” and “Abnormal Psychology”. She realized that with the right learning environment and motivation, children with developmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Speech and Language Delay (SLD), and even Global Developmental Delay (GDD) have the potential to integrate into our society as productive individuals.

Volunteering at AWWA and Rainbow Centre widened her perspective and allowed her to further understand the challenges that caregivers and educators often faced when dealing with children with special needs. Thus, she believes strongly in the active involvement, communication, and consistency in practices between parents, educators, and caregivers as pillars to ensure children’s holistic development.  She is highly motivated to work together as partners with stakeholders to equip children with the proper foundation and skills to maximize their potential.